We are delighted to inform you that this February, The Linen Hall will host an exhibition by the world-renowned artist, Farhad O’Neill. Farhad will launch his exhibition, ‘A Life in Low Relief’ with a talk on Friday 3rd February.

Farhad, the old familiar of The Linen Hall, returned to Belfast, after 17 years in his native Canada.

His exhibition, A Life in Low Relief, represents over twenty years of work in the genre of bas-relief (or low relief) carving.

The exhibition which will feature a total of 76 bas-relief sculptures in bronze will remain on display at The Linen Hall Vertical Gallery from 1st February to 24th February and you can access it for free, Monday to Friday from 9.30 am – 5.30 pm.

To find out more, please visit our website. Farhad will launch his exhibition with a talk on Friday 3rd February at 1 pm. If you wish to attend, please follow this link to book your free ticket.