TITANIC Belfast has announced it has commissioned its first original music score which will run throughout the four new galleries within the refreshed Titanic Experience, creating what promises to be one of the world-leading visitor attraction’s most immersive and emotive visitor experiences to date.

The score, which has been composed by Stijn Hosman from Amsterdam, alongside the companies designing and delivering the reimagined experience; ShoSho, Studio Louter and Opera Amsterdam, and also features local musician Maebh Martin from Belfast. The music starts within the new Never Again gallery and slowly builds up as visitors move through the experience until they reach The Ship of Dreams where the score reaches a crescendo. The music encourages visitors to reimagine the story of Titanic through double bass, cello, violin, fiddle, human voices, piano and electronics.

The unique experience will see the music sync with state-of-the-art projections and the recently unveiled 7.6m long illuminated scale model of RMS Titanic, to form a changing dreamscape taking guests on a reflective journey looking at those impacted by the iconic ship. It is an emotional experience exploring the different themes from the designing and building of the ship, the dreams and optimism of people journeying towards a new life in America, the tragedy and stories of the people who were lost, as well as the long journey towards finding the ship after it sank many decades later.

Maebh Martin, who plays the Irish fiddle, said: “As a Belfast native, the story of the Titanic is one I’ve known from a young age so it is a true honour to collaborate on a project that will help share this story to millions of people across the globe.

I’ve never worked on a project quite like this before. It was very exciting to meet Stijn and not only help bring his ideas and vision to life, but to also be able to put my own stamp and interpretation on the music. In a world where the arts can often be undervalued, I’m delighted that Titanic Belfast has recognised the impact and importance of music in the experience.”

Composer of the score, Stijn Hosman said: “The story of Titanic is legendary. Even though it is very tragic there is something about the ambition and optimism that went into building it that is just utterly inspiring. Alongside this, you have the hopes and dreams the passengers had while boarding Titanic – impermanence can be a beautiful teacher.

In the score, we have created something that has everything from building the ship, full of optimism connected to Belfast’s heart and heritage, to the tragedy of what’s to come – including the exciting dream of a boy inspired by Jules Verne that leads to finding Titanic on the bottom of the ocean over seventy years later.”

“I have no doubt that everyone remembers the story of the violin player, Wallace Hartley and his band, who kept on playing while the ship was sinking, which we have paid tribute to. And at one point visitors will also hear a contemplative piece while they see portraits of the people and families onboard the ship. After some time, all that is left to hear is the violin that keeps on playing before slowly disappearing, shimmering in the background.

I hope the score will add depth, emotion and a space for visitors to wonder and I believe that the combination of the story with the beautiful imagery and the music is a powerful combination and an experience in itself,” Stijn added.

Titanic Belfast’s £4.5m investment programme has been fully funded from the Titanic Belfast Gallery Refreshment Fund which was established when the building opened as part of the commercial operator agreement and held by the charity owner, Maritime Belfast Trust.

To book tickets for the new Titanic Experience from Saturday 4th March visit titanicbelfast.com.