“There’s no place like home” is a phrase which has never been more appropriate! As society slowly emerges from the grip of the Public Health crisis, we find ourselves reassessing what is important. A renewed appreciation of the place we call home is gripping hearts across Northern Ireland, whether home is an urban cityscape, the magnificent countryside, or a peaceful seaside retreat. In response to this current atmosphere of revaluation, family run jewellery firm, NI Silver are unveiling their magnificent ‘Treasures of Home’ jewellery collection which captures all that is exceptional about our country, in the finest of silver and gold.

The ‘Treasures of Home’ collection showcases hand-crafted pieces which have been designed to evoke our unique legacy of magic and mythology. Perhaps you would like to own a silver necklace capturing whatever memories you cherish from growing up in Northern Ireland or places you have rediscovered this summer of staycation. If you want to capture a unique memento of home, NI Silver will have a piece for you or your loved one.

Belfast native Ruth McEwan-Lyon launched NI Silver in 2012 after returning home after 16 years of globetrotting. Her travels have taken her as far afield as South East Asia and Australia.  However, during her time abroad she struggled to find a truly authentic memento which evoked the legendary spirit of her home country. Since her return to Northern Ireland, Ruth has dedicated herself to developing beautiful, bespoke, hand-crafted pieces of jewellery which natives, ex-pats and visitors alike can cherish wherever their travels take them. Ruth explains,

“All of our pieces are designed for people who want to have a little reminder of home wherever they are in the world.”

Ruth believes that jewellery is all about enjoying an immersive, creative experience. When the shadow of the current health crisis has finally lifted, she is looking forward to welcoming her clients to her workshop nestled in the Holywood hills where her customers can take part in small bespoke jewellery masterclasses.

To view a selection of Ruth’s pieces please visit the NI Silver website.

Client queries should be sent to Ruth at ruth@nisilver.com